Aphthron is a medical device in the form of mucoadhesive tablet for application on the oral mucosa to relieve pain and speed the healing of Aphthous Stomatitis/ Aphthous ulcers or other oral ulcers.

Prudentix Aphron

Aphthron combines mechanical and physical modes of action: first, upon its application, Aphthron adheres to the ulcer on the oral mucosa thus creating a mechanical barrier that protects the ulcer from contact with the tongue, teeth, food, and pH changes in the mouth. It also protects the exposed or sensitized nerve endings from overstimulation. Second, Aphthron contains Hyaluronic Acid which protects the injured/sored mucosa, moisturize the area and quickens the healing period. It also contains Menthol as cooling ingredient; it induces a local cooling sensation by extracting heat form the tissue it is applied on. This cooling sensation causes local desensitization of the sensatory nerves, leading to decrease in the pain transmission to the central nervous system.

The tablet dissolves slowly (over a period of approximately 4 hours) ensuring slow-release of the active ingredients in close proximity to the ulcer, thus leading to prolonged exposure of the ulcer to the active ingredients.