Planning Predictable Aesthetics in Implant Rehabilitation – Determining Factors

Dr. Mirela Feraru

Monday 20 March, 7:00 PM SAST (Johannesburg)

Live webinar by Dr. Mirela Feraru :Planning Predictable Aesthetics in Implant Rehabilitation - Determining Factors

Join this engaging webinar, delivered by Dr. Mirela Feraru D.M.D who for the last 10 years has gained in-depth knowledge and experience in all fields of Perio-Prosthetic Aesthetic Dentistry, focusing on Restorative and Perioplastic surgery treatments.

Dr Feraru will review the following:

  • Insights accumulated in the last decades clarify the biological processes following teeth extractions and those occurring in the tissues surrounding dental implants. Understanding these pathophysiological processes leads to the use of specific surgical and rehabilitation techniques and smart implant systems in order to enable ideal tissue maturation and long-lasting healing.
  • One should plan ahead the different phases of the Perio-restorative treatment in order to end up with a harmonious natural-looking result, by choosing the most suitable treatment option for each site, so that the combined abutment-crown complexes will blend with each other, as well as with the adjacent dentition and with healthy periodontium.
  • Various clinical cases will be presented where specific techniques are implemented towards achieving optimal esthetic and bio-compatible implant restorations in different indications.

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