PrimeScan Connect & MIS Implants Combo Special*

PrimeScan Connect

A simple scan is all it takes

Introducing Primescan Connect: a high-performing intraoral scanner now available in a laptop configuration. Enjoy all the benefits of Primescan at a more accessible price.

Primescan is an intraoral scanner that allows you to perform high-precision digital impressions of the patient’s mouth, without the use of traditional impression material. With simplified scanning and streamlined workflows, Primescan Connect is a great starting point to digital dentistry.

Achieve better diagnostics, treatment planning, and accelerated financial growth all while improving the patient experience.

MIS C1 Implants

The C1 implant is a powerful player in the MIS conical connection implant fleet and offers a versatile solution for all clinical indications. This simple, accurate and proven implant system was designed with a conical connection that optimizes biological benefits and esthetic results.

MIS MF7 Implants

The SEVEN implant has been our best-seller for over a decade. The SEVEN’s primary and biological stability, backed by extensive research, has given it superior benefits in bone preservation and soft tissue management. Its reliable, proven success and cost-effectiveness have provided millions of patients and doctors with an intuitive solution for consistently successful results.

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