Immediate Implant Placement … What have we learned?

Live webinar with Dr. Diroracy Vicioso Monday, June 22nd, at 4:00pm GMT+3 (Jerusalem Time). Aesthetic results have been changing with the passing of time especially in implant dentistry, not just having osseointegration and function determines a good result. Today the management of hard and soft tissues around implants has became fundamental in the developing of…

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Nitzan Bichacho Webinar

Webinar by Professor Nitzan Bichacho

TopicWebinar by Professor Nitzan Bichacho: Towards a biologically-oriented esthetic implant restoration at the smile zone. Where do we stand? Description In order to achieve a natural-looking result of artificial implant restorations, we must analyze the operative site and plan for a long term healthy integration of the restorative complex and the implant fixture within the…

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