Bioteck Heart Pericardium membrane

Pericardium membrane: the perfect balance between nature and biotechnology.

Bioteck Heart Pericardium Membrane

Heart® is an equine origin pericardium membrane treated with Zymo-Teck®, the exclusive deantigenation process based on the use lytic enzymes. The particularly long protection time (3-4 months), the high adhesiveness to tissues and excellent tensile strength are the result of maintaining the three-dimensional structure and the links between the collagen fibres of the native tissue. These features make Heart® the ideal solution for the largest number of surgical applications. Heart® is used in regenerative medicine, in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Orthopedics and Neurosurgery.

Bioteck®, a leader in the production of tissue substitutes of natural origin, has developed the exclusive deantigenation Zymo-Teck® process.

The Zymo-Teck® process, unlike other processes based on high temperature treatments or using chemical solvents, uses enzymes, natural proteins able to precisely and selectively remove the various unwanted substances, making the tissues completely bio-compatible and devoid of treatment residues.

Zymo-Teck® also preserves useful molecules, such as collagen in its natural structure and, operating at controlled temperatures, does not alter the structural characteristics of the tissues.

The stringent in-line quality controls implemented by Bioteck® at all stages of processing guarantee the highest quality of grafts: to obtain the best surgical outcome.