Citagenix Penguin RFA

Penguin RFA


Penguin RFA

Monitor Osseointegration
Reduce Treatment time
Manage Challenging Cases

PenguinRFA measures implant stability and osseointegration to enhance decisions about when to load. Especially important when using protocols with shorter treatment time or treating higher-risk patients.

PenguinRFA measures the resonance frequency of the reusable MultiPeg™ with a non-contacting technique. The frequency is displayed as an ISQ-value (Implant Stability Quotient) from 1-99. The ISQ value correlates strongly to the micro mobility of the implant.


Optimized Patient Care – Now in the palm of your hand
Just mount the MultiPeg™, aim for the top and the ISQ value will be displayed in less than a second. Values above 70 means high stability and are typically used for one-stage and immediate loading.

By taking a base line value at implant placement and another before loading, the degree of osseointegration can be measured.


Reusable MultiPegs™

  • Reusable
  • Available for different implant systems
  • Durable, tissue-friendly
  • Autoclavable

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