Osteon Nexus Plus +

Osteon Nexus Plus is the complete digital hybrid solution.
One universal frame, digitally designed with an unlimited range of restorative overlay possibilities. The Nexus Plus demonstrates a new union of translucent lifelike materials and precision milled Titanium, engineered to be easily interchangeable.

• Strength advantage of a titanium bar
• Lifelike interchangeable aesthetic overlay options
• Lifelike pink gingiva options

Osteon Nexus Plus +

The Nexus Plus has the smallest cross-sectional thickness when compared to conventional implant hybrids. Ideal for cases with very little inter-occlusal space.

The Nexus Plus digital Hybrid, incorporates the Pink Gingival base and teeth in one piece (monolithic). This increases the overlay strength, which is very important for Hybrid Prostheses where it is common to have teeth delaminate or break off. These problems are significantly reduced.

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