With its interconnected micro and macro porosity and osteoconductive properties, 4BONE BCH attracts osteogenic cells and promotes the diffusion of biological fluids, providing a guaranteed homogenous distribution and diffusion of the two phases. 4BONE BCH has optimized morphology and resorption properties to provide flexibility and a predictable healing process for a wide range of bone regeneration procedures.


Architectural bone remodeling: A specific combination of micro and macrostructures enable dynamic healing processes. These include physico-chemical processes and crystal/protein interactions, resulting in cell and tissue colonization and bone remodeling.
Efficient: Bioactive. 4BONE BCH allows cell attachment, proliferation and cell expression.

Safe: 100% Synthetic. No human or animal origin involved. The product’s safety has been well established by twenty years of clinical studies.
Easy: Easy to handle. The granules of MIS 4BONE BCH are easily mixed with the patient’s blood or with a physiological solution in a syringe, enabling simple delivery to the augmented site.