Prudentix Ltd


Prudentix Ltd. is an emerging R&D company focused on the development of innovative chemical medical devices in the field of oral care and dentistry.

The developed products target periodontal pockets, gingivitis, halitosis an oral hygiene. The products include patented formulations which incorporate physico-chemical properties to achieve state of the art functionality and anti inflammatory and healing actions.

Perio-Dent dental floss

The floss is impregnated with Octenidine as an antimicrobial agent.

Pocket X Gel

Pocket - X® gel is a liquid in-situ gel (thermo-sensitive) product.

Perio-Dent Mucoadhesive Mouthwash

Mucoadhesive Mouthwash with Octenidine


Healing of Aphthous Stomatitis/Aphthous oral ulcers