Highly Accessible Screw-Retained Solution.


The MIS EZ-Base system features a unique Ti-Base, designed with a highly accessible screw channel for extreme angulation, making the process of anterior or posterior restorations simpler and more convenient.

Comfort and Safety
Restoration placement has never been simpler than with the EZ-Base system. Extreme angulation is safely handled within the screw channel. More angle options means more comfort for the clinician performing anterior and posterior restorations with convenient handling and placement.

MIS EZ-Base Procedure and Reliability
The EZ-Base screwdriver features a unique tip, which allows safe and reliable access from multiple angles, as well as gripping, tightening and loosening within the angulated screw-channel at a torque and with the convenience that are similar to a straight screw-channel.

The EZ-Base system opens up a world of options for prosthetic restorations in the esthetic zone. Where as in the past screw-retained restorations may have been ruled out for many anterior zone cases, the EZ-Base system provides a solution.

Specialized Components
Unique screw and driver tip design enable extreme angulation and a wide path of insertion.

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