MIS – CEREC software: Step-by-step protocol

The following document is a step-by-step explanation of how CEREC users may plan and produce an MIS Ti-base-supported single crown. The raw materials and item numbers are detailed according to existing regulatory approvals. MIS is continuously working on making additional raw materials compliant, and this document will be updated accordingly.

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New MSOFT tutorial videos now available!

MIS is thrilled to announce that a set of new and user-friendly MSOFT tutorials are now available on the MIS website. This tutorial set will take you through the entire process of planning and designing an MGUIDE template in a simple and visual way. MIS advanced guided surgery systems are a direct result of our…

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Nitzan Bichacho Webinar

Webinar by Professor Nitzan Bichacho

TopicWebinar by Professor Nitzan Bichacho: Towards a biologically-oriented esthetic implant restoration at the smile zone. Where do we stand? Description In order to achieve a natural-looking result of artificial implant restorations, we must analyze the operative site and plan for a long term healthy integration of the restorative complex and the implant fixture within the…

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MIS M4 Special

Get an MF4 implant for the low price of only R1 200.00. The MIS M4 Implant is a titanium cylinder screw type implant that is designed for two-stage procedures. They are self tapping with a unique wide thread design, and tapered threads on their apical part. Read more about the MF4 implant here. Contact your…

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LOCKDOWN (26 March – 30 April 2020)

Dear ISS Client LOCKDOWN (26 March – 30 April 2020) During this time of unprecedented uncertainty, all of us here at ISS are concerned about the safety and well-being of our customers, patients, families and colleagues. Therefore, in accordance with the South African Government’s lockdown regulations, ISS will be closed from 26 March and we…

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Zest Locator for Straumann Implants

Genuine Zest Products for Straumann® Implants Now Available Through Implant Support Services

  Zest Dental Solutions® has announced that clinicians and laboratories can now order LOCATOR®, LOCATOR R-Tx®, and LOCATOR F-Tx® components for Straumann Implants directly from Implant Support Services. The award-winning LOCATOR Attachment System was launched 17 years ago. Beginning in 2004, LOCATOR Abutments and Components for Straumann Implants were only available directly from Straumann. As…

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