MIS CONNECT – Screw-Retained Solution

The MIS CONNECT is a stay-in abutment system which enables avoiding interference of the peri-implant gingival seal.

MIS Connect


The MIS CONNECT is a stay-in abutment system (“one abutment one time”). This enables the entire prosthetic procedure and restoration to occur above the connective tissue level.

The system features an intra-mucosal, narrow and modular, one piece abutment. It is designed with a low profile, enabling a tissue-level solution for various gingival heights.

The MIS CONNECT system may be used in single or multiple unit restorations for digital or traditional procedures. It may also be used for both provisional and final prosthetic restorations.

Ease of use
The MIS CONNECT abutment, is delivered sterile and comes with its own plastic grip for maximum ease of use.

A predictable and successful outcome is easily achieved with the transmucosal MIS CONNECT abutment (low and narrow profile). The solution allows for a broader range of screw-retained prosthetics in the esthetic zone and may be used in immediate or II stage procedures.

Ultimate precision & durability
CONNECT abutments are one-piece and solid (with no separate prosthetic screw). Because of the 40° opening of the abutment the system enables a smooth path of insertion for bridges and connected crowns. The internal connection presents the advantage of high accuracy and ultimate fit with the supra-structures.