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Pocket X Gel
Protect and improve healing with Pocket-X® Gel
Pocket-X® Gel
Protect and improve healing with Pocket-X® Gel
Pocket-X® Gel is a subgingival treatment to improve the healing of the gingiva and to inhibit bacterial recolonization in the periodontal pocket.

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Implant Support Services
Implant Support Services
Implant Support Services is South Africa's leading Implant Support Company
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Implant Support Services

ISS Implant Support Services Pty (Ltd) is a dedicated dental implant company offering products, support and services to the complete dental market within South Africa.

Our current principal lines include Bioteck, Esacrom, Intra-Lock, MIS, NovaBone, Osteon, Salvin Dental Specialties, Zest Dental Solutions, and ZimVie.

ISS is an important resource for implants and implant related products that will complement any practice. These product lines ensure customer satisfaction to the patient as well as maximum results to you, our valued client.

Implant Support Services is not only a dedicated implant distributor but also strives to provide clinicians with quality service and product. In conjunction with our principles we aim to be the single solution for your implant practice. We provide a variety of solutions for you and your patient which includes: implants, an extensive variety of regenerative products as well as instruments related to dental implantology.

ISS has branches and representation in all the major city centres of South Africa and Namibia. Please contact, and we will put you in touch with our nearest representative.

You can read about our quality policy here.