Bioteck Advanced solutions for regenerative surgery

Since 1995 Bioteck has been a pioneer in the field of regenerative medicine by designing, developing and producing tissue substitutes for dental, maxillofacial, orthopedic and neurosurgical use providing advanced surgical applications, simplifying the work of doctors and improving the lives of patients.

Technical and clinical features of Bioteck medical devices for bone regeneration

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Pre-and Peri-implant reconstructive and regenerative surgery. How to be minimally invasive?

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Tissue Substitutes

Heart Pericardium Membrane

Pericardium membrane: the perfect balance between nature and biotechnology.

OX Osteoxenon®

Complete line of collagen bone substitutes and membranes: enzymatic deantigenation, preserved bone collagen, total remodeling, clinical success.


Three-dimensional collagenic matrix.