Osteon Bi-Axial

Up to 30 degree angled screw channels.
Osteon’s Bi-Axial collection is compatible with all major implant platforms, and available in single units, implant bridges and hybrid frames in the following materials: 6AL-4V Titanium; Cobalt Chrome; and Zirconia (Available in 5 shades)


Osteon Bi-Axial

The Bi-Axial range of products is precision milled, with the unique possibility of angling screw channels by up to 30˚.

Angled screw channels allow for optimal positioning of the implant crowns and bridges to be produced without the need for expensive abutments, which is both financially and aesthetically pleasing.

The Bi-Axial implant indications are comprehensively compatible with all open EXOCAD and 3 shape scanners.

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