Established in 1999 through the collaborative exchange of ideas among electronics technical experts, Esacrom has consistently delivered excellent solutions across various sectors of scientific research and new technology development. Our engineers' ongoing research efforts have yielded numerous tangible benefits for professionals and patients alike. Enhanced operational procedures, coupled with the high efficiency of our appliances and tools, have not only streamlined surgical processes but also significantly enhanced the quality of life for patients. Esacrom represents a significant advancement in ultrasonic surgery.



A pivotal moment in hard tissue surgery, featuring a basic version with a single handpiece that can be easily upgraded with the addition of a second one.

Try the only device in the world with provision for double piezo handpiece, 70w of power and a special 3D system, everything you need in one machine.

The advantages of ultrasound:

  • Non-invasive
  • Micrometric and selective cutting
  • Cavitation effect
  • Extreme precision and safety
  • Soft tissue safety
  • Maximum view of the operating field
  • Reduction of rehabilitation times, of operative risks and reduction of pain