Bioteck Xenomatrix® Collagenic Matrix

Tissue regeneration
Three-dimensional collagenic matrix

Tissue regeneration Three-dimensional collagenic matrix Xenomatrix®

Xenomatrix® for a faster regeneration of soft tissues

A special three-dimensional matrix
is a special three-dimensional collagen matrix obtained from equine Achilles tendon through an advanced biochemical process. A matrix completely biocompatible that acts as an ideal scaffold for the growth of connective tissue cells. Xenomatrix®, while protecting the underlying graft from the connective invasion, creates a substrate that is soon colonized by soft tissue, accelerating healing.Low healing times decrease the patient’s discomfort and the possibility of post-operative infections that put the overall success of the intervention at risk.
Optimal soft tissues healing for best aesthetic results.

Superior surgical treatments
is indicated in all those conditions where to easing the regeneration of soft tissue is synonymous with success. A first application consists in the treatment of the post-extractive socket.
Soft tissue healing is histologically identical to that observed when the flap is left to heal by secondary intention, but it occurs on average faster. Xenomatrix® also acts as a barrier protecting the bone graft by creating the best conditions for bone regeneration and, therefore, for an effective socket preservation.