MIS 4MATRIX+ Bone Graft Putty

4MATRIX+ Bone Graft Putty

Simple to Use:
One syringe, one chamber, one action for easy handling, with no predetermined setting time.

Bone Regeneration:
4MATRIX+ promotes the ideal environment for bone growth, due to its fast and slow resorbing bone material mixture.

4MATRIX+ requires no mixing, moisturizing or other preparation due to a soluble carrier which enables maintaining the original graft shape and bone volume.

Chemical Composition:
Composed of Beta Tri-Calcium Phosphate (HA/ßTCP) granules associated with an excipient vehicle of a water soluble gel, 4MATRIX+ provides the appropriate environment for bone regeneration. A porosity rate of 70% enables fast infiltration of blood and growth factors, as well as cellular colonization and prolifiration.

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4MATRIX+ Bone Graft Putty

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