MIS 4BONE RCM - Resorbable Collagen Membrane

MIS 4BONE RCM Collagen Membrane is a resorbable, cell occlusive barrier used in guided bone regeneration procedures in the areas of dental implants, bone defects and ridge augmentation.

The membrane is fully resorbable, eliminating the need for a second surgical procedure often required to remove a non-resorbable membrane.


Easy to Use, Versatile, Safe and Effective
4BONE RCM is engineered from porcine collagen. Due to its biocompatibility and low immunogenicity, porcine collagen has been successfully used in medical and dental procedures. 4BONE RCM is easy to trim, shape and adapt to the osseous defect and provides prolonged protection to enable sufficient quantity of bone to regenerate.


Efficient: Allowing sufficient time for osseous defects to achieve optimal regeneration, RCM barrier enables successful application for various indications.
Preferred Handling: Easy to use, cut to size, shape and apply. Easy to place, with no need for sutures or pins. Flexible and adaptable to various bone topographies.
Safe: The porcine source ensures an improved sanitary safety and a complete and validated traceability.
Architectural bone remodeling: 4BONE RCM microstructure and macrostructure represent a dynamic process, including physico-chemical processes, crystal/protein interactions, cell and tissue colonization and bone remodeling.
Flexible: MIS 4BONE RCM membrane is resistant to pressure applied during suturing and re-positioning phases.