Genuine Zest Products for Straumann® Implants Now Available Through Implant Support Services

Zest Locator for Straumann Implants


Zest Dental Solutions® has announced that clinicians and laboratories can now order LOCATOR®, LOCATOR R-Tx®, and LOCATOR F-Tx® components for Straumann Implants directly from Implant Support Services.

The award-winning LOCATOR Attachment System was launched 17 years ago. Beginning in 2004, LOCATOR Abutments and Components for Straumann Implants were only available directly from Straumann. As of July 2, 2018, customers have the flexibility of ordering Zest Products for Straumann Implants directly from Zest or a Zest Distributor. Products include LOCATOR, the next generation LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System and the revolutionary LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System. All systems are available for Tissue Level (NNC, RN, WN) and Bone Level (NC, RC) Straumann implant platforms.

Now available for Straumann Implants!

Locator F-Tx

LOCATOR F-Tx® Fixed Attachment System: Rescue Solution

Initiating yet another paradigm shift in implant dentistry, Zest Dental Solutions’ LOCATOR F-Tx Fixed Attachment System is the only immediate treatment solution available today that can rescue a patient’s existing fixed-hybrid prosthesis after replacing an implant and still maintain a passive fit.

Replace A Failed Implant, Rescue The Prosthesis


  • Cost Effective
  • Chair Time Savings
  • Immediate Treatment Solution


  • Additional Costs
  • Additional Chair Time
  • Treatment Delay

Why Redo When You Can Rescue?

Locator R-Tx

LOCATOR R-Tx® Removable Attachment System

The LOCATOR R-Tx Removable Attachment System Is The Next Generation LOCATOR®. With progressive design features, a new stronger DuraTec® Coating and System simplicity clinicians are quickly realizing the practical benefits for upgrading to the new LOCATOR R-Tx System brings to their Practice and Patients. New all-in-one packaging provides the necessary components needed for the case with only one part number: Abutment, Denture Attachment Housing with Processing Insert, Retention Inserts (Zero, Low, Medium and High), and Block Out Spacer are all included.


  • Harder, More Wear Resistant DuraTec® Coating
  • Increased Pivot Technology
  • Treats Up To 60° Divergence / Convergence Between Implants
  • Easier Alignment & Seating During Insertion of prosthesis
  • .050”/1.25mm Hex Drive Mechanism
  • Simple All-In-One Packaging
  • Same Restorative Techniques As Legacy LOCATOR
  • Patient Satisfaction

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